To all My Valued Customers

Over the past forty years, Sunrise Specialty has been providing you with the highest quality antique reproduction line of bathroom faucets and tubs. We have taken pride in the beauty and quality of our products.

However, we have found a need to reorganize our company. Sunrise Specialty has temporarily ceased operations. The faucet collection of our product line has been acquired by The Sink Factory of Berkeley, California. This company is ready, able, and well stocked to serve all Sunrise Specialty customers from the past as well as into the future.

Sunrise Specialty plans to return to business with the partnership of The Sink Factory in the near future. At that time, once again, Sunrise Specialty will provide you with the complete and highest quality, authentic period bathroom experience.

Until then Please contact The Sink Factory

Showroom: 2140 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702
Open Tuesday - Saturday 9-5
Phone: 510-540-8193
Fax : 510-540-8212

Thank you Robert H. Weinstein